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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday! it's 6:00, it's july and it's the beginning of a long holiday weekend. sharon's watching the traffic on the bridge and elsewhere. let's look at how the day's started and squaring away. we have clear skies. it's all warmer than yesterday. 86 at lunch and on the way to 89 degrees. 85 this evening. >> your week's end begins now. here's sharon with traffic control. if you're heading out of town, now's the time to do it. the traffic is light. you can see everything at and above the posted speed limit on all of the major roadways. we can look at 50 and andy
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point there. -- 50 and sandy point. everything's looking nice at the beach. i wish we were all there. we'll begin with breaking news from new york city. a court could throw out the charges for dominique strauss- kahn. he's the head of the international monetary fund. here's the latest from wjz. >> reporter: dominique strauss- kahn could have his bail reduced or lifted because of issues with his accuser's credibility. he was arrested in may on charges he tried to rape a hotel maid. the prosecutors stood by her story, now, the investigators caught the woman in a series of lice. she was suspected to be involved in money laundering.
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one day after the attack, she talk -- she was caught talking about the situation and how she could benefit from it. dominique strauss-kahn pleaded not guilty in court. there was a sexual encounter, but the defense attorneys said it was consensual. >> reporter: he was confined to house arrest and the arrangements cost him $250,000 a month. in new york, wjz, eyewitness news. sources say they don't believe that the charges will be dropped today. chavez says he's battling
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cancer. he revealed that doctors removed a tumor with cancerous cells. he's not saying when he'll be home. the wife of jack johnson is likely to be heading to prison. she pled guilty to flushing a $100,000 check when their house was raided last year. he could face 18 months in prison. and he may be in the middle of controversies, the school's ceo inked a new deal to stay on the job for four more years. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it's been a rough week for city schools, first, a cheating scandal and drops in test scores. the board is sticking with
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alanzo. he'll make $240,000 for each of the next six years. that's the same amount he made last year and the potential for performance bonuses. >> we know that eight schools, i'm forwarding for further investigation. >> reporter: the schools came under fire for performance on the school tests. at eight schools, the scores dropped so much, there's speculation they could have cheated. last week, two schools were confirmed to have cheated if the past. all along, alanzo has tried to place out the cheating. >> the progress of the kids is reel.
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the overwhelming number of adults are trying unbelievably hard. >> reporter: the chair of the school board says that keeping him in place could be a symbol of stablization for the city. he'll be the longest serving head of the city school system since world war ii. after he stormed into a city council meeting. the former own every of the city theater wants your vote. >> they're afraid of what i know and what they say and they should be afraid of the fact i'm running for city council president. >> he's been rallying against the city council and he was escorted out of the meeting last week. the dime a drink tax takes
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effect today. here's the rush on stocking up. >> reporter: vendors stocked up on booze. that's the last cause before the alcohol goes up in taxes. >> i try to save a few dollars. >> reporter: the increase will generate $85 million annually. the schools will get a boost the first year and $15 million will provide services to disabled medical patients. many have struggling people at home with them. it's a dire situation. >> it's another way for the government to get us. >> reporter: on thursday, this order cost $632. once it goes up, it would be $650. this could cause a decrease in
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alcohol consumption. >> absolutely no. i'll budget more for alcohol. >> others disagree. >> i think it will hurt bars and it will hurt restaurants. >> reporter: time will tell how much the tax helps. >> i have no problem with the taxes. people want to drink, smoke, pay for it. >> reporter: in a letter he wrote to the supporters, the governor hopes it will help reduce the amount of alcohol abuse. maryland last raised the beer and wine dax -- tax in 1982. i wanted to characterize how i thought the acted. i thought he was a [bleep]
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yesterday. >> when msnbc's morning joe aired, that was not beeped. it was said by the attorney at large who spent time apologizing. he's been issued a warning as well. life as normal changed in the state of minnesota. the deficit cannot be agreed on. the government is shutting down. park officials are telling cam purr -- campers to pack up and leave in the state parks. >> first, it was the national football league, now, it's the national basketball association. >> we've made a proposal in which the average compensation is $5 million at a time when the league is losing money. >> the players and owners are far apart on every issue.
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the head of the player's union hopes to resume in the next few weeks. a disastrous outing for matusz last night. he gave up eight runs and nine hits in three and a third innings of work. the birds lost to the cardinals cardinals get the sweep. matusz was sent back to the minor leagues. >> for the rest of the team, it's on to atlanta. saturday at 7:00 and sunday at 1:30. that's live, here on wjz-13. you wouldn't think that a swamp would be ideal for soccer. that's what they're doing in scotland. they had a good time. of course, the real work would be by the ones who would wash the uniforms. >> that had to be a charity event. >> you would have to think so.
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>> either that or guinness made a strong batch the week before! >> well, yeah, before the new taxes. that was the end result of people stocking up before the tax. >> there's a nice grassy field behind them. take a look at the day part. it's sunny and another gorgeous morning. it's a little bit warmer and more humid. i would say very warm. on the way to 89 degrees. 85 this evening low 90s and summer like feeling. it's sweaty like and we'll have the details coming up here shortly. you're in an iconic vehicle, i've been told by the underpaid producer. >> reporter: that's correct. the story behind this car,
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owned by a couple in dundalk, it's unbelievable. it's from a big hit comedy movie. we'll tell you the story and give you a preview of the great dundalk heritage fair. four days of celebrating the 4th of july. wait until you hear about the entertainment, that's when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,, host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more
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hurry in today for your first avenger tri-cup while supplies last. you know, that's a beautiful thing. red's fans are in town. i was at the ballpark last night. we had a reunion. there was a lot of cardinal fans in town. it's not like when you see the red sox fans and you're six to your stomach. it was neat seeing them.
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people having vacations, watching baseball. calm winds and barometer at 30.01678, i have to tell you, it wouldn't be a bad thing if we played inner league in st. louis. beautiful ballpark there. three degrees cooler now than this time yesterday morning. there's a different feel in the atmosphere. it's getting more humid and again, aisle mention, it's going to be summer like as we move into the holiday weekend. 61-degrees in hagerstown and 59 in elkton and 63 in easton and ocean city. almost 70 in d.c. and 71 annapolis and kent island. greater columbia at 60. 62 bel air and easton at 68 degrees. high pressure out of the great lakes and that gives us a beautiful day yesterday. the air's about that much closer though. the high pressure slips down to the south. that becomes the bermuda high.
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the big heat pump sets up and it will be steamy and hot. again, the 4th of july is supposed to feel this way. 89 is the high and 62 is the low. 92 tomorrow and more humid. same deal on saturday. that's tomorrow, 92, same deal on sunday. watch for a popup afternoon thunderstorm. monday, july 4th, monday, 92 is the high. 88 and 90. i mentioned this last half hour. it's worth mentioning again as you look at the forecast. last tuesday, we had the hopup thunderstorms meandering across the area. you take that out of the equation, we haven't had a day of steady rain now in a couple of weeks. something to be noticed. it's getting dry out there. if you're camping this weekend. watch it.
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don, take it away. how about the rush right now? here's sharon with traffic control. there's nothing to report to get in your way. we can look at the average speeds on the beltway. it's still at full speed. we can look at the westside. that's old court road and that's still empty. at ocean city, that's a live view of's city. everything's looking good there. traffic is light on 50 at the bay bridge and the kent bridge. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long run. >> we were just sitting here discussing, i've never seen that ocean camera. >> we've used it once before. that's the north bridge. that's kind of a cool -- >> that road there becomes a bridge to the right. >> oh, i got you! i got you. if we panned to the right,
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you're looking at baker's island. [ indiscernible ] let's go to the ronster now. good morning, how are you? >> reporter: you guys have been together way too long. i was thinking the same thing. hey, happy friday! july 1st. >> how about that! >> reporter: we're live at dundalk heritage park. no one does it better than dundalk. today, we kick off a four day 4th of july celebration. lots of entertainment. the big parade, monday, 8:15 in the morning. the 77th annual dundalk heritage parade. the baltimore raven's marching band and people are lining the
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streets early. i was the grand marshall five years ago and everyone makes you feel terrific here. joe falbo, come on over here. he's the president of the dundalk heritage association. heritage fair, it starts this afternoon. tell us about it? >> well, ron, we're opening at noon today. >> reporter: noon! >> noon to 10:00, all three days. we have great entertainment. we have the mahoney's brothers doing a beatle's tribute. >> reporter: saturday night, the guess who! the guess who are going to be in baltimore. i played all of their records in college. "laughing," "she's come
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undone," "no sugar tonight." that's only part of it. listen. >> and sunday night, eddie money. >> reporter: eddy money! ♪ baby hold on to me ♪ >> it's all $5. bring a chair and a blanket. it's open field seating and no additional charge to see the acts. >> reporter: also, there are a lot of favorites. we have grand prix car also? >> yes, it will be on display and the oscar mayer wiener truck will be on display. ports america is bringing us a rock climbing wall. there's food, games, rides, everything here for the family. >> reporter: greet to see you -- great to see you, thank you. ladies and gentlemen, let me go over here.
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i want you to meet sam and hazel from dundalk. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: this is a 1968 cadillac, obviously, a convertible. we call it, the -- "the wedding crashers" car. >> well, we were in the car shows and all. they needed a car and they were making the movie on the eastern shore of maryland. they said, would we be interested and i said, sure, why not. it was in an advertisement for tv up north, it was in that before. >> reporter: what was that like for you? >> at the time, we didn't know what movie it would be. and then, we found out. we were ecstatic. it was great! >> reporter: this is the last scene in the movie as they're
6:22 am
leaving d.c., right? >> they're coming out of the cathedral and they get in the car and ride off. >> it's a beauty. got to love that. >> reporter: how long have you had the car? >> 16 years. >> reporter: good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> reporter: i rode in the car when i was the grand marshall about five years ago. >> i wanted to know if the film company did damage to it? >> no. >> reporter: no! [ laughter ] all right, guys come on out. >> did the actors do damage to it? >> reporter: no! we don't think those guys would do anything like that to it. come on out this weekend, it will be great. it starts this afternoon.
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guess who and eddy money. we're rocking and rolling. guys, i'm out of here, we'll see you monday at fells point. it will be a 4th of july manic monday. have a great holiday weekend. >> all right, buddy. >> that was a good question. >> i bet they did something. it had to be hurricaned up -- it had to be hurricaned up ,,,,,
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i coming up today, the city police issue a stern warning for teens and their parents. we'll have more, coming up. i'm sharon with traffic control. if you're heading to the beach this weekend, we'll let you know what the commute looks like in a few minutes. right now, over to marty. we have a heck of a coffee with coming up.
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it's monster jam next week. on the heels of u2, one of the biggest, well, motorized events in the country. this is not unlike having nascar to town. it will be 50, 60,000 people coming down. you'll meet one of the top drivers.
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it's friday! >> it's 6:30 and a terrific start to the weekend. let's go ahead and look at the hot day weekend. happy birthday america, let's party. 64, 86 and 85, those are the morning, lunch and dinner temperatures. it's more humid than yesterday's day start. don, take it away. here's sharon with traffic
6:31 am
control. hi, don, good morning. no hassles out there. speeds are looking very nice. we don't have any delays or incidents. keep in mind, between 10:30 and 6:30 around the road, you can see low flying aircraft. that's for a nasa air quality test. they'll be going on pretty much all day. taking a live look at the westside of the beltway, looking at old court road. we don't have problems to report there. no problems in and out with the acception of sun glare. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> at the top of the news this half hour, a billion dollars worth of punishments. this is a gasoline leak from
6:32 am
five years ago. here's mike schuh with details. >> reporter: the jury says that exxon leaked and committed fraud and turned it into a $1.5 billion judgment. >> this is the way that the system should work. >> reporter: the dream homes here are worth less. no one's not confident that the wells aren't filled with poison. >> did they think it was fraud. >> they saw the facts. there was evidence and we're confident they'll be upheld. >> reporter: perhaps no one was more relieved than the jurors who spent half a year in court. the judge, choking up when he thanked them. >> just kind, caring, loving, devoted people. all different walks of life and also several teachers. >> reporter: cheers at the end of the trial.
6:33 am
>> we believe that the result is not supported by the facts of the law. >> reporter: glad that they won and their losses are ever present. they can still only take 2 minute showers and they worry about their kids getting cancer. i want to know when i'm old i don't have to worry about my child. >> reporter: you're glad it's over? >> very glad. >> reporter: often times, the defendants won't say they'll appeal, but today, exxon said they'll appeal. back to you on tv hill. >> the there's a developing story in georgia. a person found dead there could be a missing law school student from her.
6:34 am
her friends in may con last heard -- macon last heard from her. they haven't released a name yet. a vote of confidence for alanzo running the city schools. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. assuming that he stays the entire four years, he would be the longest serving ceo since world war ii. this morning, we're learning more about his new contract. >> the city school's ceo will reportedly make $260,000 for each of the next four years. that's the same amount he made in 2010 and plus, the potential for performance bonuses. >> as of today, we know that at
6:35 am
least eight schools, i'm forwarding for further investigation. >> reporter: it was a few days ago that the city schools came under fire for the student performance. at eight schools, the scores dropped by so much, there's speculation they could have been cheat -- cheating. >> reporter: these two schools were confirmed to have cheated in the past, all along, he's tried to place monitors in schools and acting quickly. the progress of the kids is real, the overwhelming number of adults are trying hard -- >> reporter: the sun also reports that the new contract would give him more job security, the school board would have to meet stricter guidelines. he's been the ceo since
6:36 am
2007. and the local culinary school in danger of losing its accreditation is still exploring its future. they're thinking about merging with in the school. they haven't decided on repealing the credit days yet -- their credits yet. a man is accused of sneaking on a flight from new york to los angeles using an old boarding pass and a fake id. if convicted, he could face five years in prison. taxpayers will be on the vote against bulger. the 81-year-old was captured after 16 years on the run.
6:37 am
he's charged in connection with 19 murders in the boston area. kai jackson explains, we'll hear a lot more of, it's 11:00, do you know where your children are? >> we'll hear this message again. the police are putting around public service announcements urging parents to keep their children safe. if the parents don't do it, they'll be held accountable. >> if your child is continually found to be in violation of the curfew, the ramifications are on the parents. it worked for me and a generation of kids in the city and generations of adults. >> reporter: the curfew prohibits those under the age of 17 for being on the streets after midnight and on the weekends. the psa will be running
6:38 am
throughout the summer. >> the children will be taken to curfew centers to wait for children if they're caught. the president is heading out to camp dave. -- david. the congress is skipping their 4th of july vacation. the air force football game will be televised by cbs. the kick off game will be moved up to noon. that means that both of the games can be seen here. it was an uphill battle last night for the orioles who couldn't find a way to pull out a win over the cardinals. the red birds get the sweep. now, it's on to atlanta. the starter, matusz was sent
6:39 am
down to the minors. watch the rest of the team saturday at 1:30 on wjz-13. the question there, can planes control the weather. scientists say yes. the planes increase the chance of snow and rain when they punch through the clouds, creating ice crystals that can make it rain. the findings are based on images of clouds around the airports. >> first off on hearing that, it's like, come on! scientists are credible. this is not like "mad magazine." with all do respect, "science" is a credible story. that's like a alex demetrick story. >> i like the phrase, punching
6:40 am
through the clouds. that's descriptive. >> can we show you something really interesting? this is a website of american cruise lines. goody, on the harbor cams has a shot of this boat. it's at constellation pier. we saw another small cruise ship, if you will -- >> well, it looked like a different variety. that's a cruise ship. these folks, you know, every once in a while, we'll show the big cruise ships coming down to the maryland cruise -- well, locust point. >> check this out. there's like two small cruise lines. i see the answer to this one in the "smithsonian magazine." all the way from june well into the fall and into november,
6:41 am
they're do like the seven night cruises of the bay. i'm going somewhere. we're a poplar destination. i'm telling you, this plays into what we're getting ready to talk about on coffee with we have cruise ships. several started their music tours here. now, that's monster jam. they're expected to draw 50,000 plus to m&t stadium next weekend. this is not unlike having nascar coming to town. you'll meet that guy. that's tom meeks on coffee with. don't kid yourself. i don't know who's selling baltimore, but they're rocking the world! sharon gibala has traffic coming up and first warning weather.
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you stay tuned, we'll be back. ,
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60 now and 83% humidity. the barometer is above 30 inches of mercury. now, 3 degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning. we'll start to heat up throughout the day and the weekend will be summer like. temperatures will be back into the 90s. 61 hagerstown and elkton and easton. ocean city at 63 degrees. the low 60s in westminster and bel air. yeah, the heat is going to expand because of the pressure dropping down over the carolina capes becoming the bermuda high. we'll be set up with the warm and humid air. i think for the next four days, not counting this one. it will be a comfortable afternoon. temperatures under clear skies,
6:46 am
dropping to 62 tomorrow. we'll kick the temperatures up and add the words to the forecast. the high of 92. the same deal on sunday. watch for the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm on monday. tuesday and wednesday, back into the upper 80s with sun. let's go to sharon gibala with traffic control. hi, don, well, it took a while, but we've picked up the first accident. watch for equipment on the road at wheeler avenue. everything is still at full speed, including on the beltway. there are the average speeds. we can take a live look at frederick road. no issues on 95. there's a look at 50 at the bay bridge. that's if you're heading to the shore, you won't run into any problems at the moment. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer, toyota, moving
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forward. okay, let me tell you how big this stuff is coming up. when mattel makes a hot wheels out of you, you're a big deal. collect them all, the back says. this is tom meets, he's the guy that drives that truck. welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. >> good to see you. >> it's great to have you here. i just want to, first off, i've explained how big monster jam is and what this means to the russell street coliseum. are you hip to how big this is for the city on the heels of u2. >> yeah, it's huge. we've never done a stadium in this great town of baltimore. we're going to make a big impact and a big statement to
6:48 am
the community. >> you guys come close to selling out. and getting it here was a huge cue for, what do we call it now? >> oh, yeah, visit baltimore? >> look, we just had, in concert, shaday, rihanna and u2 brings 360 and you guys and irl and the ravens are in the stadium. this is huge for us. >> it's awesome, it will be a great event. 16 trucks. they're bringing the best drivers in the business and all 16 of them. >> you know, how about that! we were sitting there. we need to bring that up.
6:49 am
travis prastrana! former bmx driver. >> well, he'll go all out. >> is it different for you driving outside than inside? >> it's a huge different! this is a football field, it's huge. the arenas are small. this is going to be able to showcase the amount of era they can achieve. this is a top rated event. you kick it on "speed." and wow! >> that's the maximum construction style there. >> how long did it take you to practice that? >> well, it's the type of event where the money's not all there. we have to do most of the practicing at the events. after 18 years, i'm getting it
6:50 am
down to a science. >> you're a professional driver, why monster trucks? i'm sure you could jump in a sprint cup car. why monster trucks? >> when i was a little kid, i saw a monster truck and said i wanted to do that. i wanted to ride that dream to the top. >> when you started, it was grave digger and that was about it. >> yeah, big foot. >> yeah. >> and at this point, it's now grown to an extent that guys want to compete and go home. that's a lot of money you spend not to qualify. >> do you talk about how much the truck is? >> well, it's about a quarrier million dollars.
6:51 am
-- it's about a quarter million dollars. they'll spend $15 million on the truck. >> we'll ask a few more questions and then, go to how much a set for the tires. >> $500 for the veal and $2000 for the tire. >> okay, wow, 2, 4, 6, 8, about $10,000. >> you don't go for retreads? >> no, you sure don't and they last about a couple years to a couple minutes. go to ticket master. there are seats still available, and it will be a heck of a time. we're taking a break, we'll have the first warning weather and more. join us online at ,,,,,
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sunny, pleasant today, 89 is the high today. low, mid-60s now. we'll send it to sharon gibala now. hi, marty, good morning. only one issue to get in the way. it's not a major one. we have a little bit of fire activity at wheeler avenue. otherwise, everything is at full speed on the beltway. there's a live look out at 50.
6:55 am
if you're heading to the beach, you won't run into delays yet. 12 hours from now, it will be a different story. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. back to you, don. city school's ceo, alanzo is staying on the job for four more years. he'll be paid 16 -- $260,000 for each of the four years. they're saying this is a symbol of stabilization for the schools. a record damage award for exxon mobile. they'll be paying $1.5 billion for those living in jacksonville after gasoline leaked into the ground water and 160 homes and businesses are affected. the awards will be from $60 million to $300,000. >>
6:56 am
>> if you're looking for a good catch, you may want to go to towson. the baltimore county seat is named the 14th best area for the rich and single. over 35% of the people in towson are single and the median income is over $100,000 a year. the top spot is newport beach, california. as part of the continuing communitiy commitment, we're proud to sponsor the 4th of july fireworks show monday night at 9:30. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead for you we'll have more on the dominique strauss-kahn case. the entire case is on the verge of collapse. the president is leaving
6:57 am
down, but the senate is staying put. will anything be accomplished. ,
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